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Business is about relationships, every relationship is based on trust and trust has to be earned! 

We will always go the extra mile to earn your trust, to make sure you get what you need and more. 


Because when you see that we always give our best and you know that we genuinely operate with your best interests at heart, we believe you will want to  recommend us to others and continue come back to us for years to come.  


OUR Promise to you

Whether you’re an individual buying a personalised gift or a company director purchasing everything for a major rebrand we promise that:

  1. We will take time get get to know  you.  That means you, your business & what you are trying to achieve with our products. 
  2. We will always recommend the most suitable products and services for you  – The most profitable thing we sell is the thing that makes you so happy that you want to come back  time and  time again.  
  3. We will always be honest with you. In the unlikely event  that we cant meet a deadline we’ll let you know and if we can’t help you we’ll recommend someone who can. 

Lasting Relationships

Before we started Ipswich Embroidery & Print, Tenesha and I sat down and thought about what sort of company we wanted to run and to be honest the answer was simple. We want all our customers to know and trust us to always have their best interests at heart. 

We thought about all the companies that we have dealt with in the past and we realised how a trusting lasting relationship is key for success. We realised that whenever a company is only interested in making a quick sale and doesn’t really care about us we don’t really care about them. We may buy once or twice IF it is convenient for us but we will soon move on. 

However when we have a personal relationship with a real person at another company and we know that person will  always puts our interests first THAT’s a company we will always go back to – That person becomes a trusted partner and that relationship inspires us to reward their efforts with loyalty. We will go back again and again and in the long run spend a lot more money with that company than we would with any other because we trust them to give us the best deal. 

That’s the relationship we want with all of our customers and we strive to always operate with your best interests at heart and earn the trust that will create long lasting relationships.

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